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In honor of the HQDA-RM employees who were lost and injured during the Attack on America
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Headquarters, Department of the Army Resource Management is designated as Operating Agency 22 (OA22).Organizationally, HQDA-RM is under the Deputy for Resource and Programs. As an Operating Agency, OA22 is responsible for providing resource management support for over two hundred activities which perform a variety of readiness and operations support functions for Headquarters, Department of the Army. Support includes critical Army-wide centrally managed programs in addition to sustainment operations of HQDA activities to include the Secretariat, Army Staff and many Staff Support and Field Operating Agencies (SSAs and FOAs) as well as Joint and DoD activities for which the Army has administrative or executive agent responsibilities. The major challenge facing OA22 is to provide a reasonable level of support to these unique and diverse activities in an environment of diminishing resources.

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Mission Vision Organizational Layout

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Our Mission

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Our Vision

To provide quality responsive support to our customers with a highly motivated, trained and diverse team of professionals maximizing the use of advanced technology.

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Organizational Layout and Responsiblities

Headquarter, Department of the Army Resource Management is broken into six divisions.

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