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Clipart and Graphics Sources
Defenselink Multimedia Gallery. Some photos.
Defense Visual Information Center: Search Page. The DVIC Web site contains official U.S. Military images from around the world. This is the search page for cleared images.
FM 101-5-1/MCRP 5-2A, Operational Terms and Graphics.
SSMC Library: On-Line Documents and Symbols.
The S2 Company: Dissemination & Presentation Files, includes a military symbols font.
The Institute of Heraldry. The mother lode of Army heraldry graphics.
Artwork and Images from the Center for Military History Online.
U.S. Army Warrant Officer Career Center: Downloads. Warrant-Officer related icons, screen backgrounds, and screen savers. Also, a good collection of branch insignia.
CSS Battle Labs Military Image Files. A good collection of photos of equipment and people, unit insignia, and other images.
Visual Information Support Center's Photo Archives. An excellent collection of online photos.
Ft. Sill: Military ClipArt Library. Photos and graphics in many different categories.
ADA School: ADA Gallery. Photos and clipart.
Combat Training Centers: Military Photos
Med Evac and Dustoff Photos. The Dustoff Association. 498th Medical Company. 18th Medical Command.
Duke Battalion Military Equipment Gallery.  Sponsored by the James Madison University ROTC Program, this site has a number of photos of military equipment.
Ira C. Eaker College: Army/Marine Clipart. A wide assortment of line art, compliments of the Air University.
Vietnam War Graphics Files.
Gulf War Photo Gallery.
Clipart links to military graphics and weapons, plus political and Civil War
Civil War Clipart.
United States Armed Forces Uniform Reference. Rank and ribbon Web site for all services.
U.S. Armor Links. Links to lots of armor clipart and photo sites.
Sergeant Jack's Graphics Page. Graphics in many different categories.
Graphics and photos at Bayonet.Net.
Luke's Military Graphics.
Olive Drab. Links to lots of photos and graphics sources online.
MilitaryCity.Com  Graphics Library.
Regulator 7's Military Graphic Center.
The Border Legion - 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment The site has a special download area that includes a wide variety of clipart and military sounds like machine guns and bugle calls.
U.S. Army Recruiting Cool Stuff. People, vehicles, and aircraft. And screensavers.
The Poster Propaganda Page. Historical military posters, including the famous "I Want You" Uncle Sam. Rack Builder. Click on your ribbons and it will build your rack for you.
Australian Army Graphics

2. PowerPoint Resources
Free PowerPoint Templates. Template Central.  
Digital Studio
. Maniactive.
Acadia University's PowerPoint Resource Center. This site serves as a reference center for faculty and staff using Microsoft PowerPoint. It includes links to sound, video, and graphics archives, and instruction and tutorials.
Brainy Betty's Template Finder. Links to the top PowerPoint resources available on the Internet. Templates, plug-ins, tutorials, and more.
Presenters University. Free tools, templates, and tutorials for PowerPoint presentations. In addition, they provide free courses to help improve both the functionality and design of your next presentation.
RnR PowerPoint Tools. A collection of productivity-enhancing tools for PowerPoint. Each tool is a toolbar with buttons that give you one-click access to features that are ordinarily time-consuming, difficult or impossible to do in PowerPoint.

The PowerPoint FAQ." If the question starts with PowerPoint, chances are you'll find the answer here. The PowerPoint FAQ lists answers to your PowerPoint questions, PowerPoint Help, PowerPoint Templates, PowerPoint Tips, PowerPoint Add-ins, PowerPoint how-tos and much more."
A Bit Better Corporation: PowerPoint User's Forum. Questions about using PowerPoint?  Check out A Bit Better's bulletin board where you can pose and answer questions on-line.
A Bit Better Corporation: PowerPoint FAQ.

PowerPoint Short-Cuts To Save You Time. From creating a new slide to hyper linking words, this site offers keyboard shortcuts to speed up your development of PowerPoint presentations.
Microsoft Clip Art Gallery. A huge library from Microsoft of images and templates to help jazz up your next presentation. The galleries are well-organized.
The Training Zone. Offers numerous resources for PowerPoint including tips, links and tutorials.
Indezine. Links to all sorts of PowerPoint resources.
Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 - Official Site. Keep up-to-date with the official Microsoft PowerPoint web site. Help, objects, tutorials, and FAQs are just a few resources available on this site.
ZDNet Resources. A large library of tools and resources relating to Microsoft PowerPoint. The site includes a variety of how-tos and a comprehensive help center.
University of Wisconsin Eau Claire: Online Help Collection, PowerPoint. A good comprehensive "how-to" for PowerPoint neophytes.
University Of Texas - Overview To Using PowerPoint Templates . Published by a department within the University of Texas, this link consists of a great overview of PowerPoint and the basic techniques you need to know. 
CNET: PowerPoint Resources. A complete tutorial on using PowerPoint. The tutorial offers a comprehensive look at what PowerPoint can offer.
SmartPlanet. SmartPlanet has links to a number of online courses for beginning and advanced PowerPoint users.
Ellen Finkelstein's PowerPoint Tips. From the author of PowerPoint 2000 Professional Results book.
PowerPoint Tutorial. A six-part lesson created by Indiana University that outlines the how-tos of MS PowerPoint. 
Learning Microsoft PowerPoint 7.0 - A Detailed Tutorial
A large, detailed outline published by North Dakota University for both PowerPoint beginners and advanced users.
EZresearch: PowerPoint 2000 tutorials. These tutorials take you through a visual step-by-step explanation of many of the features available in PowerPoint.
PowerPoint Plug-Ins.
Links to PowerPoint plug-ins that will enhance your presentation. 

3. Creating Graphics and Text Effects Creating Your Visuals Archive. An excellent archive of articles on creating visuals for PowerPoint.
Graphics Tutorials - Text Effects. Creating text effects with PaintShop Pro.
FlamingText. This site allows you to create graphics such as headings, arrows, etc. for PowerPoint presentations, web pages and other uses. Online graphics generator for text and textures.
3-D Text. Another online graphics generator.
Web GFX Rendermachine. Create graphics online.

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