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Title: A-76 Competitive Sourcing Training - Course Offering Descriptions (As of: 10 July 2008 @ 8:10 AM)
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Posted By: Dave Dengler Date Posted: 6/15/2007 6:58:44 AM

COMPARE software application training provides attendees with practical hands-on training utilizing the software.   During this training, exercises will reinforce line-by-line instruction and build upon a final capstone exercise that will incorporate all lessons and circumstances introduced.   Attendees will be prepared to execute their own agency cost estimate at the conclusion of this training.   Additionally, attendees will be instructed on the use and applicability of the A-76 costing rules throughout the training.  The most current software version, released at the time of the training, is always used.  This 3.5-day course is available upon request for up to 20 students maximum and can be brought to an installation site.  Requests for this training should be made to ACSIM Competitive Sourcing Programs Branch (CSPB). 



DCAMIS software application training provides attendees with practical hands-on training utilizing the software.  At the conclusion of this training, a student will know how to maintain their own agency's DCAMIS records.  Typically, this 2-day course is available upon request for up to 12 students maximum and is conducted at CALIBRE Headquarters, Alexandria, VA.  Requests for this training should be made to ACSIM Competitive Sourcing Programs Branch (CSPB). 



A-76 Competitive Sourcing Courses


Six A-76 Competitive Sourcing courses are available through Defense Acquisition University (DAU) campuses, can be brought on-site to an installation by ACSIM or are available through other competitive sourcing training sources.   Course lengths vary from 3-5 days and are available upon request for up to 30 students maximum.  Requests for this training can be made to ACSIM Competitive Sourcing Programs Branch (CSPB).  The following DAU Catalog Course Designations are:


.           A76 801 - A-76 Competitive Sourcing Overview (On-line)

.           A76 802 - Preliminary Planning Phase

.           A76 803 - Acquisition / Performance Work Statement (PWS) / Source Selection

.           A76 804 - Agency Tender Development

.           A76 805 - Costing Course

.           A76 806 - Post Competition Accountability


The following descriptions summarize competitive sourcing courses being offered:


1.    A-76 Competitive Sourcing Overview (On-line) (A76 801) provides an introduction to the Office of Management and Budget Circular A-76 that implements the President's Management Agenda for Competitive Sourcing.  This overview course discusses the FAIR Act and A-76 program concepts including the overall process, roles and responsibilities, legislation that affects the Department of Defense, and post competition accountability.  This course is on the DAU web page as a continuous learning module, and is available for browsing or credit.


2.    (Classroom) Preliminary Planning Phase (P3) (A76 802) course forms the basis for the Competitive Sourcing competition.  The Agency Tender and Performance Work Statement will be based on the preliminary research and decisions made during the Preliminary Planning phase.  The MEO and PWS will be strongly influenced by scoping, grouping and acquisition strategy.  Preliminary Planning includes the development of Baseline Costing which is the "AS IS" cost of the activity selected for a Competitive Sourcing competition.


3.    (Classroom) Acquisition/Performance Work Statement (PWS)/Source Selection (AA) (A76 803) course consists of the two actions that most directly affect the outcome of the Competitive Sourcing competition – the development of the solicitation (including the Performance Work Statement and Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan) and the source selection evaluation process. This course provides the details of both actions to insure the most cost effective and efficient service provider is selected as a result of the competition.


4.    (Classroom) Agency Tender Development (AT) (A76 804) course details the process of developing the government’s “proposal” and includes how to develop a Most Efficient Organization (MEO), quality control plan, and an MEO phase in plan. Although the course discusses the costing concepts of developing the costs of a government activity, it will not cover how to enter the costing data into the COMPARE program.


5.    (Classroom) Costing Course (CC) (A76 805)  A pilot course was held in June 2008 for subject matter experts.  Stay tuned for details, we'll keep you updated via this website, our monthly newsletter, and e-mail.


6.    (Classroom) Post Competition Accountability (PCA) (A76 806) course presents the post competition accountability data collection and quarterly reporting process. The course also discusses the performance decision implementation distinguishing between performance decision implementation and post competition accountability. The implementation actions are detailed where they form a foundation for the accountability requirements. The monitoring of technical performance through the QASP is discussed as well as the requirements to track actual costs and compare them to the competition estimates. Performance of option periods and the process for corrective actions and terminations are discussed as well as how to prepare for the next competition.


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