Competition is the driving force in the American economy.  It forces organizations to improve quality, reduce costs, and focus on customers' needs.  Continuously stimulated by their peers, American firms are now global leaders in innovation, cost performance, and technological development.

     Competition offers these same benefits to the Army and plays a critical role in our reform effort.  Our installations, soldiers, and families require support in numerous service areas.  Buildings must be maintained, equipment must be repaired, soldiers, civilians, and contractors must be paid.  Many of these activities are now performed by uniformed personnel or civilian goverment workers.  Often, there is no reason why this work cannot be performed by the private sector.  In such cases, following the example of America's leading firms, the Army will benefit greatly by introducing the dynamic forces of competition into the procurement of support services. 

     The purpose of this website is to provide the maximum and latest information available on competitive sourcing for organizations that are planning, conducting, or concluding the competition of commercial activities.  The information provided will improve the competitiveness of public and private sector competitions – hopefully, ensuring maximum value for our tax dollars.

     The ACSIM Competitive Sourcing role is to support the Army’s goal to obtain efficiencies by conducting competitions; provide oversight on the Army module of the Defense Commercial Activities Management Information System (DCAMIS); establish policy, goals, procedures, and instructions for implementing, conducting, and monitoring progress of competitions.


Competitive Sourcing Mission/Role

Army Competitive Sourcing Program Overview




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  Last Update: 11/16/2004