Beginning October 1, 2000, all Post Restaurant Funds (PRFs) and Civilian Welfare Funds (CWFs) are required to utilize NAF Financial Services for their account and reporting services. NAF Financial Services will maintain all books of original entry, general ledger and related subsidiary ledgers, prepare all disbursement vouchers and sign all checks to pay liabilities of the serviced NAFI. The NAFI agrees to comply with all applicable directives and regulations. POCs to establish these services are shown below. Use this link to visit the NAF Financial Services Web Site at Texarkana, TX - Red River Army Depot.

Mr. Gary M. (Mitch) Covington

Ms. Pattie Lawing

DSN 829-2763

DSN 829-4143

CML (903) 334-2763

CML (903) 334-4143

September 26, 2003